Dakota Premier League




Please Note: When registering, you will see three options on the payment screen. Please select the option in which you would like to participate in (number of play dates). If you do not select an option, your registration will not be complete. The options are as follows: 


Registration Fee for 4 Play Dates - $625

Registration Fee for 3 Play Dates - $475

Registration Fee for 2 Play Dates - $350





What is the DPL

Welcome to the Dakota Premier League (DPL). The DPL is designed to provide opportunities for developmentally appropriate competition for league members. The DPL is guided by creating meaningful game opportunities for teams in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Through these meaningful games, the long-term development of players can be better served.

Guiding Principles of the DPL

  • Player Centered: The DPL focuses on what is in the best interest of players that can positively impact their long-term development.

  • Club Development: The DPL understands that the primary development of players occurs within the players own club environment. The league will help support club development and help foster the best environment for player development.

  • U.S. Soccer Standards: Supporting certain player development initiatives will allow for the league to mirror the vision of US Soccer and lead players down a structured developmental pathway. For example: Consistent schedules, developmentally appropriate matchups and age appropriate rules.

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